Important: This website contains information about ChessGuard: A program that enables you to play with your DGT board on internet chess portals or other chess programs which do not have a direct DGT support. As it stands today ( February 2017 ) this is a fully noncommercial and private website, where I do not claim any rights on software or brands.
I further do not take any responsibility on using the software ChessGuard or on any damage which may occur during use. If you do not agree please leave the site and do not download or use any software from

As development is still in progress there is a first version available to download. I used following configuration:

- Windows 10
- 64 bit
- DGT bluetooth board
- optional: DGT 3000 clock for displaying opponent's move

Update: The downloadable version of ChessGuard has no move limitation.

To setup the program you need to simply click at the upper left and lower right corner on the screen chessboard. To work with lichess you also need to activate the drag and drop option. You can store these settings in different presets, so you don't need to setup multiple times. After that just press the button play white or play black ( board needs to be rotated in this case ).


Download ChessGuard_V0_8